McCrickard Sentenced for Vandalizing Lynchburg's Doughboy Statue

Lynchburg, VA - The woman who police say vandalized Lynchburg's Doughboy statue will pay the city $2,500 as part of her sentence.

As part of the sentence that's keeping Jessica McCrickard from going to jail for six months, she will instead be required to spend four Fridays with the veterans who gather for the troops rally at the monument each week.

Vietnam Vet Steve Bozeman heads up that weekly rally and says McCrickard recently reached out to him, through her rehab counselor, and he met her for lunch, where she asked for forgiveness.

ABC 13 wanted to ask McCrickard personally why the meeting was something she felt she needed to do, but were told by court officials she was escorted out a back door to avoid our camera.

McCrickard broke off a piece off of the statue and tossed into the James River.

Bozeman had it with him when they met for lunch and placed it on the table. He says the young woman burst into tears when she saw it.

"I sensed that she was sincere, truly. I realized that I need to forgive her. She asked for forgiveness. I realize that many people out there, veterans particularly, that stand down there with me every Friday will do the same," Bozeman said.

Bozeman came to court Thursday to tell the judge he will personally make sure the time McCrickard spends here at Monument Terrace with veterans is positive; an opportunity for her to learn about the men and women and their sacrifices.

Bozeman says he will stand beside McCrickard when she apologizes to them and that he's had nothing but a positive response from an email he sent to rally participants telling them about their meeting.