McAuliffe Visits Danville, We Ask About GreenTech

Danville, VA - Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate, Terry McAuliffe was in Danville Friday for a roundtable discussion with African American leaders.

Recently, McAuliffe has faced questions, and accusations, over his connection to electric car company GreenTech.

McAuliffe tried to start the company four years ago in Virginia, saying it would create hundreds of jobs. But the idea was shot down in Virginia, over concerns about GreenTech's business model, which relies on funding from rich Chinese investors.

The investors would in turn get U.S. visas, through the EB-5 program. That program is legal, and has received bipartisan support since 1990. The allegations are that McAuliffe would call on those investors for political advantage.

After failing in Virginia, GreenTech set up shop in Mississippi. But to date, it is still in a vacant lot. It has not created jobs like McAuliffe had predicted.

McAuliffe says he didn't do anything wrong during his time at Green Tech. He left the company late last year. He told us he is still hopeful the company will succeed.

"Green Tech is an exciting 21st century company building electric cars. We are excited about its future and I say it's not easy starting a car company," McAuliffe said.

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