McAuliffe Helps Lead Round Table Discussion on Education

Lynchburg, VA - Democratic candidate for Governor Terry McAuliffe made a campaign stop in Lynchburg Wednesday, helping lead a round table discussion on his education policy.

In attendance were folks from the Lynchburg City School board and school administrators.

McAuliffe used the forum to ask everyone what they thought were some of the problems facing the state's public school system.

Something nearly all agreed on in the workshop was the need to reform the state's SOL tests.

Another topic was funding for lower income schools, and closing the racial achievement gap.

McAuliffe had some pretty tough accusations for his opponent Republican Ken Cuccinelli and his proposed education policy.

"A $1.4 billion tax cut, could result in over 8,000 teachers being laid off in Virginia," McAuliffe said.

"The Cuccinelli campaign has been very clear that they are not going to be cutting education in any way shape or form. This is the same thing that McAuliffe has been doing in D.C. but I think the people in Central Virginia are smart enough to see through it," said Senator Steve Newman.

McAuliffe also spent part of the day with educators at Roanoke public schools.