McAuliffe & Cuccinelli Ask Supporters for Help Getting Voters Out

Lynchburg, VA - Only two days until voters go to the polls to pick Virginia's next governor, and candidates hit the campaign trail hard Sunday.

President Obama appeared with Terry McAuliffe in Arlington. He stressed the importance of voter turnout, and said they could get a win only if they put in the effort.

"Are you willing to make your case every single hour, every single minute, every single second?" asked the president.

He also said when it comes to jobs, education, and giving Virginians opportunities, McAuliffe is the right choice.

Ken Cuccinelli's campaign is also pushing hard to get voters out on Tuesday. The Republican nominee made several stops Sunday at airports throughout the state, including Campbell County.

Even though McAuliffe has been leading in the polls, dominating television advertising, and far outpacing Cuccinelli, the Attorney General says if his strong base comes out on election day, he will be the next Governor.

That's the goal of the "Get-Out-The-Vote" Rallies he held. At the rally at LYH, Cuccinelli asked a Lynchburg crowd of veterans and volunteers for some help.

He wants supporters to knock on more doors and make phone calls so people get to the voting booths this week.

"We're really more in your hands than we are in ours. And we need you all to finish out. Don't make this little visit the last thing you do in this race," he said.

But voter turnout is expected to be low. Some predict as few as 30 percent of registered voters could come out, and that could be a problem for McAuliffe.

As part of ABC 13's election coverage, we have created an elections section on our website where you can see previous coverage of the Governor's race. We also have stories from local races that will be on Tuesday's ballots.

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