Maya Angelou Speaks to a Packed House at Lynchburg's Randolph College

Lynchburg, VA - Her poetry and writing have been read by millions. Tuesday night, they were heard first-hand, on the campus of Randolph College.

Maya Angelou read poetry, shared stories from her childhood, and told the audience about her iconic life.

At 84 years old, she had many stories to share; and each that she told, captivated her eager audience.

"When it look like the sun will not shine anymore, God put a rainbow in the clouds" sang Angelou.

"I wanted to come here and talk about you, and this place and the rainbow in the clouds" she said.

The rainbow in the clouds; Angelou used this term to describe her long, and difficult life, to an audience that has heard her masterpieces for decades.

"It is important that you know that somebody was there before you. Someone was lonely before you, called out of her name before you, in fact abused before you" she said.

But with the pain, comes hope.

"And yet amazingly, someone has survived" she said.

Some audience members traveled hours.

"Three hours just to get here. The reason being, it's history right before our eyes. Often times we read it in the books, we see it on TV, but to be in the real life experience is life changing" said Nic'ole Turner.

Each, finding their own favorite moments, "The opening line and the closing line, when she said it looks like the sun doesn't shine anymore" said one man.

800 people got to hear her speak. But hundreds more were turned away, and actually started a minor scuffle outside the auditorium. Lynchburg police responded, but did not make any arrests.

Angelou gave Randolph College an edition of one of her books.

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