Massive Traffic Congestion at Lockn' Festival in Nelson County

Arrington, VA - We're getting several reports of massive traffic congestion outside the Lockn' Festival.

Some people say they've been waiting in line for as long as eight hours, and still haven't entered the facility.

The media coordinator told ABC 13 that searching the vehicles took longer than expected. But the sheriff's office said that a large number of event staffers who had been directing traffic, walked off the job.

Five hours before the festival kicked off, open fields turned into parking lots.

Andy and Laura Enright consider themselves the lucky ones.

"So far it's been a pretty bumpy road. Getting in here was pretty congested. But everyone stayed in pretty good spirits," Andy said, sitting inside his VIP tent.

He and his wife left their home in Delaware at 1 a.m. Thursday and arrived around 6 a.m.

"Someone said, follow me, I know a good way. And we ended up being maybe the 30th car through," Enright added.

Folks outside of Gate 1 had a much different story.

The Sheriff's Office says several event workers who had been directing traffic quit out of frustration.

A media spokesperson for the festival said she wasn't aware if anyone had quit, but admitted vehicle checks took longer than expected.

Gina Hart-Smith waited in a field for three hours, along with her husband and their VW van.

"She's our home away from home and part of our family. Her name's Red Bud and we've all been together since '91," said Hart-Smith.

Finally all three are set up for camping, along with their framed picture of Jerry Garcia.

They're just hoping the rest of the crowd will feed off their positive energy.

Festival organizers say they've pulled additional volunteers and staff members from other areas to help relieve some of the congestion.

For those of you heading out in the evening, expect some delays. But organizers say it won't be as bad as earlier in the day.