Martinsville's Monogram Snacks Holds Open House, Adding 100 Jobs

Martinsville, VA - A food manufacturing company in Martinsville announced Friday that they are adding 100 new jobs.

Monogram Snacks held an open house and job fair at their plant Saturday.

Representatives say they had about 100 people waiting in line before the job fair even started.

Many people say the expansion of Monogram Snacks is a ray of hope for those unemployed in Martinsville.

"We need jobs," said Virginia Hall.

The company makes meat snacks like jerky, and recently secured a significant new customer, which means they need a lot more workers.

"We have a very tight timeline on when we need to start producing for this customer and we got about six weeks to get ramped up," said George Roden, Vice President of Operation Finance for Monogram Snacks Martinsville.

Potential job candidates went on a tour of the factory to learn about the company and to see just what it would be like working for them.

"It looks like a pretty decent operation, a clean operation, they know what they're doing," said Angela Woody, who came to the job fair.

"They answered all of our questions, even some of the tougher questions," said Hall.

The company was accepting applications from skilled and unskilled workers.

"Just about every position in the plant, we have something available," Roden said.

"For someone like me who's worked at Walmart for three years and never done a factory job, I think it's nice for companies to offer a chance for unskilled workers. Because the one thing you hear is we need experience, well how do you get experience if a company is not willing to give you experience," Hall said.

"We're looking for people that have a good work ethic, want to work and want to help us grow the business. We'll teach them how to do the jobs," Roden said.

Monogram Snacks says they're very happy about their success, because it's not only good for them, but also for the Martinsville area.

"It's very exciting, anytime you can create jobs, anytime you have growth," Roden added.

"When a company is growing and expanding in the area, it's good for everybody," Woody said.

"I am very hopeful," said Tammie Millner, who came to the job fair.

"Fingers crossed," said Tammie Millner with high hopes.

Monogram Snacks started at their Martinsville facility in 2009 with 135 workers. After this expansion, they'll have over 500 employees.

Monogram Snacks says they will have all their new jobs filled by the end of July.