Martinsville Youth Soccer Team Invited to Play in Ireland

Martinsville, VA-- One youth sports team in Martinsville is used to traveling around the state, but this summer, they'll be traveling overseas.

The U-15 Hurricanes is a soccer team in the Piedmont Youth Soccer League, and they've been invited to play in Ireland.

The players and coaches say this is an opportunity of a lifetime. They're the only team in their club that has been invited to play overseas. They say it will be both a great educational and cultural experience.

When the players of the U-15 Hurricanes heard they were invited to play in Ireland, you can bet they were excited.

"It was a pretty big honor for us to be chosen to go and have such a great opportunity placed before us to go and play soccer," said Sam Dickerson, Hurricanes soccer player.

The Director of Coaching for the Piedmont Youth Soccer League, Enda Crehan, was born in Galaway, Ireland. He was asked to choose a team from the league to play in a special tournament in Ireland this summer.

"They certainly put in the time and the hours to deserve a trip like this, most of them are excited and I'm excited for them" said Bill Wagnor, Hurricanes soccer assistant coach.

The players will train with the Shiven Rover Football club, which they say is a great opportunity.

"I think it's going to be an eye opener for them," said Wagnor.

"Skill wise, they're probably better than us, so they would teach us a lot of stuff," said Dickerson and William Wagnor, Hurricane soccer players. "It would be good just to see how different parts of the world, how they play, and how the game is different all over the world."

They'll play with other youth soccer teams from around the world. They hope being invited to play in this special tournament will inspire other teams in the area.

"Most kids would never get a chance to play in Europe," said Wagnor.

Of course a trip like this does not come cheap. They need to raise $12,000 to $15,000 for the team to go on the trip. They've been doing several fundraisers and have raised $3,200 so far.

If you'd like to find out how to donate to their trip, you can email Coach Harry Lance at