Martinsville Uptown Encourages Business Growth with Competition

Martinsville, VA - If you're a local business owner looking to expand or to move your business location, you could get some extra cash to help get started.

Uptown Martinsville is looking for business owners to make the Uptown area their new home.

To do that, they started the Upstart Uptown Business Competition. All you have to do is submit your business plan to the Martinsville Uptown Office by November 1. Three to five applicants will win a combined total of $25,000.

To apply, email Martinsville Uptown or call them at (276)632-5688.

To verify there is a need in the Uptown area for additional businesses like yours, read the Shop Local Survey Report.

Winners will be announced in December 2013 and the new businesses will open in Uptown Martinsville by March 2014.