Martinsville Speedway Race Benefits Local Businesses

Martinsville, VA - We're all ready for the race this weekend at the Martinsville Speedway. But no one is more excited than local businesses. That's because they see huge profits all weekend long.

The bustle at the Martinsville Speedway echoes throughout the city. Just down the street, Jerry's Pizza, sees an increase in customers during race weekend.

"You have more people so obviously your business increases," said Rachel Polzella, Employee at Jerry's Pizza.
Polzella splits her time this weekend between waitressing and promoting.
"I go down to the racetrack and get people, hand out fliers for Jerry's Pizza and everything else and get them all down here," said Polzella.
After all, they want as many fans in their restaurant as possible. Polzella says they see 20% more customers during this weekend alone and that means a big boost in profits.
"It's pretty much the only attraction we have here twice a year. I live for the race, I mean we get a lot of people from out of town so I think it benefits the whole city," said Polzella.
The whole city indeed. Ideal Mart also looks forward to the races all year long.
"Oh it's mad in here. We will probably be constant for the next three days," said Jennifer Wilson, Employee at Ideal Market.
Wilson says they stock up two weeks in advance.
"It helps a whole lot, it's really a major part of our business, around here with us not having a lot of businesses open, it's very important, it brings in a lot of money for the year," said Wilson.
In fact, they require all hands on deck.
"Everyone has to work, it's mandatory to work on race weekends...because we are so busy, it's that constant steady busy," said Wilson.
From the campers to the local fans, they know extra business means extra bucks.
"We get the people that stay in hotels when they are just passing through, we get campers, we get everything and they come for ice, beer, food, everything," said Wilson.
But everyone agrees, all this work is worth it because it allows many local businesses to stay afloat during the slower weekends throughout the year.
The races are Saturday and Sunday.
We will have much more coverage on Trackside at Martinsville Speedway which airs Saturday at 1:00 p.m.