Martinsville Speedway Gets Ready for Race

Martinsville, VA -- NASCAR fans are counting down the days until the big race at Martinsville, but they are not the only ones getting ready. In fact, Speedway officials have been preparing for months and now they are in the home stretch.

While they have to expect the unexpected, they have the Sunday of race weekend choreographed down to less than a second.

"When everybody rolls into town and they see what they see, it didn't just happen, it takes a lot of time," said Clay Campbell, president of Martinsville Speedway.

Months of work by hundreds of people get this track looking this good.

"It's kind of like if you were going to throw a big party at your house. What are you going to do before everybody shows up?" said Campbell.

The speedway prepares for their "party" of 60,000 people early. Work starts once the April race finishes. This weekend they also host Virginia is for Racing Lovers. So starting Sunday, a lot has to get done including repainting the walls and curbs plus cleaning up the stands.

"We don't want anybody that comes to the Tums Fast Relief 500 to know that there was a race the week before," said Campbell.

Behind the scenes, a team works on security. Virginia State Police have already completed a threat assessment.

"To anything that might be an indicator, any potential things we might want to be on the look out for," said Matthew Brannock, director of operations for Martinsville Speedway.

They also have to restock concessions, focus on ticket sales and put on finishing touches.

"It's like Christmas, it's coming whether we are ready or not and somehow we always seem to be ready," said Campbell.

They say that most chaotic day is the Thursday before the race. But by Friday morning, they are always ready.