Martinsville Speedway Adds Real Race Car Rides To Christmas Toy Drive

Martinsville, VA-- The Martinsville Speedway had their 16th annual toy drive Saturday. All the toys and donations go to the Grace Network, which helps local families in need.

Every year, those who donate toys or money get to ride their personal car around the track, but this year, there was a twist.

They decided that for a $25 dollar donation, you could get decked out in full racing gear and ride around the track in the Sprint cup car.

Hundreds came out to the Martinsville Speedway with toys and cash in tow, all to support the Grace Network.

But getting to ride in a race car with Speedway president Clay Campbell was a huge attraction.

"I wanted to go for a ride, it was great," attendee Debbie Kaczor said. "It's a blast, really really loud but fun."

"Oh my goodness, I want to do this so badly," Joan Bailey said. "I've been watching Nascar, three, four, five, years now and became pretty well interested in it. I thought it would be fun to go around this track."

"We've been giving pace car rides for a number of years and obviously you can see the passing cars going around the track behind us so we wanted to step it up a notch," Martinsville Speedway President Clay Campbell said.

They said allowing people to ride a long in the race car would be a nice experience for people in the community. Also, it would probably bring some people to the toy drive that may not have come otherwise.

Debbie Kaczor, "Not at all. Never been out here, never been on the track, nothing."

People that drove their personal cars around the track and those that rode in the race car, say today was all about giving back but having lots of fun while doing it.

'It's a great way to help the community," Kaczor said.

"I would have donated twice as much in order to do this," Bailey said. "It just looks like fun."