Martinsville Speedway Addresses Safety Concerns

Martinsville, VA -- The horrible crash injuring more than two dozen fans in Daytona this weekend has a lot people on edge. Now, some people are even wondering if this could happen right here, in Martinsville.

Sitting in the front row, gets you right up in the action. But Saturday, Daytona fans got much more than they hoped for. More than two dozen spectators left the track injured after the number 32 car crashed right into their seats.

"You don't ever want anyone to ever get hurt," said Rachael Gusler, Ridgeway resident.

That crash prompted questions, like can something like this happen here, in Martinsville?

"Most everything that we do is focused on our fan safety and our competitors. It's an equal mix," said Clay Campbell, president of Martinsville Speedway.

Campbell reassures fans that Martinsville Speedway has taken precautions. In 2004, they put in a safer barrier system. And with 25 foot high fences, Campbell says fans have nothing to worry about.

"Things happen on the track but that's where we want to keep it, on the racetrack," said Campbell.

While some have said they would now sit farther back, everyone we spoke with says they will still go to the races.

"I would be nervous to sit down there that close because you never know what is going to happen," said Gusler.

"It's just kind of a freak accident, stuff happens," said Kael Holloway, Ridgeway resident.

"A lot can happen, it just is something you have to expect," said Rubena Dillard.

Dillard grew up next to the track. Her son has always gone to the races and Dillard says this April will be no different.

"He'll still be there," said Dillard.

Clay Campbell says since Martinsville is a shorter track, and the drivers do not go as fast, it would be even more unlikely that something like Daytona will happen here. He also told us they constantly evaluate what additional safety measures need to be in place at Martinsville.