Martinsville Mixes Job Searching With Baseball

Martinsville, VA-- Job seekers on the Southside got lucky on Wednesday. The Martinsville and Henry County Chamber of Commerce held a big job fair with 500 positions available.

This wasn't a typical job fair. Usually at a job fair people come dressed to impress with a resume in hand, but the chamber decided to mix things up this time and made this one a casual affair at the Martinsville Mustangs baseball field.

As soon as the gates swung hundreds of people filed into the Martinsville Musangs Hooker field, not necessarily to watch a game.

"We are having our 2014 community wide job fair and we actually decided to switch it up a bit. We're having it at the Martinsville Mustangs," said Amanda Witt, President of Martinsville- Henry County Chamber of Commerce.

There were 30 companies awaiting eager job seekers. All together they provided 500 available jobs.

"We have material handling positions, we have outbound positions, shipping positions, inbound positions, so we have several jobs open right now," said William Allen, Operations Manager for Ebay Enterprise.

"We are needing all the help we can get so we know that Martinsville and Henry has an area of people who would love to get in the job force as soon as possible and that's what we're here for," said Letreivia Penn, Recruiter for Axcess Staffing Services.

Many job seekers and employers said mixing baseball with job searching is different, but a change from a formal to casual environment can be a big advantage.

"I think that one thing job seekers have a problem with is saying the right or wrong thing. In a relaxed environment you can be more yourself, and that's what employers look for, someone who would fit the job being themselves," Penn said.

Martinsville resident, Adrian Mease said the relaxed environment worked well for him. He applied, did an interview and got the job right on the spot with Virginia Mirror.

"She just called me out of the blue and she told me to come tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock and it's a blessing. I like it here because it's more laid back, and you've got kids, you've people. It's just like a baseball game," Mease said.

All the job seekers got a free ticket to the Martinsville Mustangs baseball game that started right after the job fair ended.