Martinsville High School Receives Renovations

Martinsville, VA - Martinsville High School has made it into the 21st century with a whole lot of updates. Monday afternoon they had a ribbon cutting for all of the changes.

Martinsville High School has not seen any renovations since it was built in the 60s. But a year of construction led to an upgraded school with a lot of excited students. Walk around Martinsville High School and it feels more like you're on a college campus.

"People are actually excited to come to school," said Tajuana Carter, student.
Just under $10 million in renovations have created a cafeteria that can accommodate study groups and several updated classrooms.
"The atmosphere has been totally changed for our kids this year. They are more open to discussion, they are excited to be here," said Angie Weinerth, Principal of Martinsville High School.
Science classrooms have transformed into labs. Teacher Alaina Kiskadden says this prepares students better for college.
"It enables us to actually do more hands on activities," said Kiskadden.
Down the hall, you will find a mini-metropolis with an upgraded TV studio a hospital, and a robotics lab.
"They get to practice their skills there so when they go to college or the next part of their life they will be able to use that," said Weinerth.
They didn't just improve the classrooms, they also upgraded the security system, making students a lot safer.
Weinerth says the renovations will bring students up-to-date with expectations after graduation.
"Just has kids interested in learning, wanting to be at school, I think it is a win situation for everybody," said Weinerth.
The funding for the upgrades mostly came from the Federal Qualified School Construction Bonds.