Martinsville-Henry County SPCA Has Too Many Cats

Martinsville, VA - The Martinsville-Henry County SPCA is overwhelmed with cats. They're at the highest number they've ever seen for kittens and cats at their facility.

"We just need homes, need homes bad," said Chase Inman, director of marketing and development for SPCA.
That's because they have over 70 cats at their facility and nearly 140 total when you count those in foster care. Their cap should be 60.
"It's really tough. Every area has to pitch in with the cat department now. The dogs, puppies, is coming over and helping me in cats because it is so many," said Mandy Denny, cat manager for SPCA.
In fact, their staff now works overtime. And their three cat rooms have now expanded to seven including offices and the lobby.
"We've turned rooms that have never been an animal room before into animal rooms so we can house the animals," said Denny.
How did they get in this situation? They started a campaign to turn Martinsville and Henry County into no-kill region by 2015. So, the SPCA has focused on adopting animals from the pound, where pets can be euthanized. But, these cats have not gotten homes quickly enough.
"We anticipated this being an issue. We just were hoping that we would end up with more fosters and more adopters," said Inman.
But they say their plan has still been working. In the past few years, they have drastically decreased the euthanization rate. They still have a long way to go, but say the extra effort will be worth it for these animals to have good homes.

All you need to adopt a kitten at the SPCA right now is $5. And they are giving out cats for free. They do suggest everyone have their animal fixed, so this situation doesn't get bad again.