Martinsville Group Wants Councilwoman Hodge to Resign over Quilt Controversy

Martinsville, VA - There's a growing movement outside a Martinsville City Council meeting over a patch on a quilt created by the Piedmont Governor's School.

The patch depicted one person in black, and tiny, and another person in gold, much larger.

Councilwoman Sharon Brooks Hodge felt that was putting African-Americans in a negative light, and complained, becoming very vocal during the meeting that made one child cry.

Since the meeting, many residents have created a petition to kick Hodge off council.

The event got started Tuesday Evening.The group trying to oust Hodge from city council has already collected about 50 signatures. They say it's not just about the quilt.

The group claims Hodge has an agenda and is not representing all of Martinsville. They were protesting until 7 p.m.

The group had representatives go to Tuesday Night's council meeting. They say they need more than 600 signatures, but their goal is actually to get more than 2,000. They are trying to get more signatures than Hodge had gotten votes.

Some say they will not rest until Hodge is removed from council.

ABC 13 tried to contact councilwoman Hodge for a statement but we've not heard back from her.

We'll have more tonight on ABC 13 News at 11.