Martinsville Company Adding 100 New Jobs

Martinsville, VA -- Monogram Snacks Martinsville announced Friday morning they want to have 100 news jobs filled by the end of July.

Monogram Snacks Martinsville makes meat snacks like jerky. They've been at their facility since 2009. They started with 135 employees and after this expansion they will have over 500.

Behind the scenes of Monogram Snacks Martinsville, operations run smoothly. But soon, their production line is about to get even busier.

They plan to hire employees at all skill levels, from machine operators to mechanics.

"One-hundred people is a what 20% increase over where we are right now. So we really need the full garment of positions staffed in order to bring that kind of volume in," said George Roden, vice president of operations finance for Monogram Snacks Martinsville.

Since they opened in 2009, they've invested over $8 million in expansions and renovations. They now plan to add another $1.2 million in capital improvements this year. Their success allows them to bring in new hires.

"In this particular case, we are co-manufacturing for another company, so that's what this is ramping up for," said Roden.

County Administrator Tim Hall says this growth means a lot. Not only will 100 people get much needed employment, but also it boosts confidence.

"It's systemic, it shows that we are growing, that we have opportunity for growth and expansion and success and that leads to everything else," said Hall.

Hall explains these new jobs should trickle down, creating even more growth for the region. As for Monogram Snacks, they say this proves their success.

"Monogram is here to stay, and that we are on a strong growth curve and that the future is bright here and there is potential for more jobs here," said Roden.

They will have a job fair at their Martinsville plant Saturday. It will be from 10 to 2. They say to bring an ID and a resume if you have one.
The pay range for these positions will be anywhere from $8.50 to $19.