Marine Driver At VIR Has Become A Big Inspiration

Halifax Co., VA -- Lots of people are coming to Virginia International Raceway this weekend for the Tudor United Sportscar Championship. And one driver, who is also an active-duty Marine, is making this race weekend extra special.

Marine Corp Staff Sergeant Liam Dwyer is living out his two lifelong dreams at the same time: being a marine and professional driver. And he is certainly a big inspiration as well.

Marine Corp Staff Sergeant Liam Dwyer's passion for racing started early.

"This is my dream right here and I'm actually able to do it. I'm very very lucky," says Dwyer.

Now in his third season as a professional driver, Dwyer will race this weekend at Virginia International Raceway in the #27 Mazda MX5. But he also has another job, he's still on active duty in the military. It's because of his experience serving our country that he found his way into racing.

"They saw that I had talent behind the wheel and this is really what has gotten me to today to where I can drive this car," says Dwyer.

From outside the car, Dwyer looks like any other driver. Professionally he's already won one first place trophy. But Dwyer has another piece of hardware unlike any other driver. Three years ago, he lost his leg in Afghanistan after stepping on an IED.

"The blast blew up underneath me, it immediately took my left leg from me," says Dwyer.

To help a wounded warrior, the Freedom Autosport team created this prosthetic that works with the clutch, allowing Dwyer to drive and even compete as part of a team.

"Liam is so determined, so passionate to do well. That really doesn't hinder us," says Tom Long, Co-Driver and Coach.

Dwyer says looking back, he's thankful for all that's he been through and what he has to look forward to.

"If I can, I'd love to inspire people. I love trying to get other people in here to see what I'm doing, get them the courage to get out and do something that they thought was difficult," says Dwyer.

That one professional win was in Dwyer's hometown, on Memorial Day weekend, and on the anniversary of his injury. Dwyer will compete in Saturday's race. If you want to watch it live, go to