Many Lynchburg Shoppers Spending More This Christmas

- Photojournalist Brian Whitesell

Lynchburg, VA - A lot of you went out in the rain to finish your Christmas shopping Monday.

The average person is expected to spend nearly $700 this year on gifts. A Gallup poll finds that's down from last year, but many locals are saying the opposite.

ABC 13 wanted to find out what your Christmas budget was looking like, so we sent photojournalist Brian Whitesell to find out.

"If it is two for the price of one, good deal," one customer said.

"I'm definitely spending more this year. Spending lots more better deals, better offerings," said another.

"I'm spending a little more but we are keeping it on average," another shopper added.

"Customers are spending different this year. Just trying to find out when the best deals are. People are spending just on the timing. So this year is a little more than last year though," said a cashier.