Many Local Adoptions Finalized on National Adoption Day

Lynchburg, VA- {}It was a very special day for many families in Lynchburg, and all over the country Saturday.

November 23 is National Adoption Day. Courts opened their doors to celebrate the adoptions of children that have been in foster care.

Nearly 5,000 kids were given a permanent home Saturday.

"It was a long road, a tedious journey, but we're finally here."

The words can hardly describe the emotions the families at the Lynchburg Circuit Court felt. Many of them have been waiting for years for this moment. Last year at this time the Mullins had no children, they now have two new smiling faces to call their own.

"They're officially ours, it's kind of unreal," said Adam and Sarah Mullins who finalized the adoptions of two children today.

After18 months of fostering and not knowing the outcome, the Lamberts will sleep well tonight knowing their children are there to stay.

"Today, they go home with us and there is no other option for them to go anywhere else," said Brian Lambert.

For the City of Lynchburg and Department of Social Services, these are the moments when all their hard work pays off.

"We work 364 days out of the year and this culminates all of the hard work that we put in to be sure that our children in foster care have permanent forever families," said Amy Witt who works with the Department of Social Services.

"Seeing the judge sign on the dotted line was surreal. It was just like a flash back to the last year and a half waiting for this day," said Rebecca Lambert.

The City of Lynchburg confirmed the adoption of seven children in their court Saturday, and they recognized the previous adoptions of 22 children.