Many Averett Students Opposed to Guns on Campus

Danville, VA - Eight out of ten college students in Virginia say they're opposed to having guns on campus, according to a recent survey by Virginia 21.

The survey included 8,000 students from across the state.

While no bills related to guns on school property have been proposed yet during this year's session, the issue has been debated on campuses across the country.

Students at Averett University shared similar views.

"Maybe security guards, but as for students, I don't think they should have them," said student Brent Skipper.

Most of the students said they agreed that security personnel should be allowed to carry guns to protect students and faculty.

In nationwide debates, some have argued that armed students could help officers take down a suspected gunman, but many Averett students believe that isn't the right solution.

"I think it would make it more dangerous. I don't think they should have any reason to have guns," Skipper said.

"I'm not as okay with students carrying them. I agree there needs to be regulations and rules and guidelines for people that can and can't have them," said student Kirk Werth.

Senior Erika Weyner is an international student from Finland where she says the gun culture is different from the US.

"You can have guns for like shooting animals and hunting purposes, but it's not normal for our citizens to carry like a hand gun," said Weyner.

Like many of her fellow college students throughout the state, Weyner says guns on campus will not prevent unspeakable tragedies from occurring. "I hope not that people don't have guns here because that can create conflict and issues that no one wants to have in a campus area."

Averett currently does not allow students to carry guns anywhere on campus.

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