Many Ambriar Businesses Back to Work After Explosion

Amherst, VA - Officials were back out at the Ambriar Shopping Center in Amherst trying to find out what caused a propane tank to explode Monday night. Public Safety Director Gary Roakes says a handful of officials are on the scene along with Davenport Propane Company to investigate.

They are there trying to recreate what happened up to that blast to figure out what caused it. Officials say they are looking into a few possible causes, but do not have a definitive answer just yet. They say until they do, they are not ruling out anything.

As for local businesses, they are trying to get back to normal. Three businesses had their lights off or signs in the window stating they were closed Wednesday. The ones that are back up and running say they are so thankful they will be able to continue to make a profit as the holiday season is in full swing.

"We just thank God that the Plaza is still standing, that we still have a business. Other than that, and that nobody got hurt," said Jackie Query, owner of A&J Treasures Thrift Store.

Business owners say their profits are fluctuating this week but overall, they are doing very well.