Man Wanted on Five Felony Warrants Arrested in Campbell Co.

CAMPBELL CO., VA - Deputies were looking for a man in Campbell County and found a meth lab Tuesday.

Officials were at a Campbell County home, sent by the U.S. Marshals Office, looking for a man with felony warrants from Amherst County.

They found him and arrested him, then got a search warrant to go back. That's when they found the meth lab.

It happened in the 9000 block of Wards Road.

Eric Joseph Gravette, 29, of Amherst County is behind bars and charged with five counts of distribution of a controlled substance.

"This device that was found in the home is capable of producing methamphetamine," said Major LT. Guthrie.

More than a dozen officials -- including those with the Campbell County Sheriff's Office, State Police from Charlottesville, and Lyn Dan Fire officials were called in.

All of the activity was enough to catch the attention of neighboring businesses.

Eddie Cauble works a couple hundred yards away -- in this mechanical and tire shop.

"That's crazy. You wouldn't expect anything like that," Cauble said.

He says he often sees foot traffic coming and going from the house.

"There were two or three vehicles you would see go in and out all the time," said Cauble.

From his observations, an elderly woman lived on the top floor.

"I hope they find out what's going on over there because the lady upstairs is super nice and everything, and I'd hate to see anything happen," Cauble continued.

A few people lived down below.

"There were some people who lived downstairs but I didn't know who they were," Cauble said.

Gravette was moved to the Amherst County Adult Detention Center. He's facing several charges in Amherst County, and now he may be facing more charges in Campbell County.