85 Year Old Set to Run His 40th Consecutive Virginia Ten Miler Race

Lynchburg, VA - Not many people can say that they've done something for 40 consecutive years.

That is however, with the exception of 85 year old William Draper, who Saturday morning ran his 40th consecutive Genworth Virginia Ten Miler Race.

Draper who has run every ten miler race ever, was honored Friday night at a reception held in the Riverviews Art Space, honoring the race's elite, and invited athletes.

Draper chooses to run every year; he says it's a good way to stay in shape, and he's not looking to set any records, he says he like to take his time.

He offered this advice to fist time ten milers, "Do not start too fast. Do not go down the first hill fast, save it for coming back up" he said.

Draper says he has every intention of continuing to run the race until a time when he's physically incapable.