Man Rescues Cat Stuck in Tree

Bedford, VA - A Lynchburg man is being hailed a hero after he rescued a kitten stuck way up near the top of a tree. Kevin Hamlet, with Billy Craft Honda is credited for climbing up in the air and bringing the little guy back to ground level. His name is Skeebo and the lady who cares for him says he had been missing since Friday evening. They believe he was in the tree the entire time.

5-month-old Skeebo is quite a frisky and adventurous cat. But his curiosity did not get the best of him this time around. Sunday night, Joy Barber, the lady who helps care for him found him.

"The noise was coming from above our head, so I thought, 'Oh my goodness, he's in a tree,'" Barber said.

She says 50 feet in the air. She began to call him.

"Come here, kitty, kitty, kitty. Skeebo," Barber called.

But that idea backfired. Barber says he slipped.

"He had his little paws like this around a branch and his feet were dangling, so we were like this (covers eyes) ahhh, no don't fall," Barber said.

So she and Skeebo's owner quickly came up with plan B.

"So we're under the tree with the tarp calling and calling," Barber said.

All in hopes that he would let go, but he did not.

"We were scared, he was scared, he was crying. Finally got back on the branch and he went back towards the trunk of the tree where he was safer," Barber said.

Barber then moved on to plan C: social media.

"We put it out on Facebook, 'help, cat stuck in tree,'" Barber said.

And that is when this guy showed up. Kevin Hamlet with Billy Craft Honda heard the news and showed up with a bucket truck to save little Skeebo.

"He came to me and we pulled him out of the tree and the kitten's safe," Hamlet said.

But if you ask him how he feels, he will tell you, it is not a big deal.

"I wouldn't have done anything anybody else wouldn't do," Hamlet said.

Hamlet says he knew the owner of Skeebo before this incident. In fact, he says his wife boards her horse at the barn Skeebo stays at. Family says Skeebo is back to his normal self and has not lost his sense of curiosity.