Rocky Mount Man Charged With Attempted Extortion of State Trooper

Roanoke, VA - A Rocky Mount man faces up to 10 years in prison for allegedly trying to extort $50,000 from a Virginia State Police trooper.

Master Trooper J.T. Harris in Franklin County was the target of the alleged plot.

Investigators say Courtney Glenn Hall, 26, contacted Harris via text message saying he would go to the trooper's family and employment about an extra marital affair with Hall's current girlfriend. The text included a naked picture of that woman.

Investigators say Harris gave Hall $5,000 as an initial installment, after which Courtney was arrested.

The Commonwealth's Attorney's office says the transaction is on tape and Hall has confessed.

Investigators say there is no sign of any affair on behalf of Trooper Harris. Harris has served more than 44 years in the area and is well known from his work in the school system.

They believe Harris was targeted because he had given the woman financial assistance for education in the past.

Hall has multiple felony convictions including larceny and obtaining money under false pretense.