Man Diagnosed with Leukemia Decades Ago Celebrates 40th Birthday

Pittsylvania Co., VA - A family in Spotsylvania County is celebrated a milestone on Saturday, a milestone that's been a huge inspiration to others.

Matt Evans was diagnosed with leukemia when he was eight-years old, but doctors say he's defied the odds, living decades after he was diagnosed. His family celebrated his 40th birthday Saturday.

"I'm going to make it through yes I am, make it through yes I am," sang eight-year old Matt Evans.

Matt Evans was singing a song of hope, after he just found out he had leukemia.

"He was sick and just didn't feel good, he couldn't even go to school at first," said Nancy Evans, Matt's mother.

Following a bone marrow test, doctors diagnosed him with the disease.

"When we was diagnosed, it was very hard," said Vicki Hastings, Matt's sister.

After chemotherapy and radiation, Matt relapsed twice. His family followed doctor's orders and at the age of 10, Matt got a bone marrow transplant.

"They told us that if he made it for five years it was a cure , so he did, thank the Lord and now we still got him," said Evans.

Years later, Matt no longer has leukemia, although the effects of his past treatments have taken a toll.

"He has seizures, now, that's his main problem," said Hastings.

Matt also suffered a stroke several years ago that took away his ability to walk. Regardless of all he's been through, however, Matt still stays a survivor, celebrating his 40th birthday this week and shocking the medical community.

"They have been amazed, he's a miracle child," said Matt's sisters.

Looking back on the past couple of decades, his family says it was their faith in God, and support of family that kept them strong.

"I'm going to make it through yes I am," Matt sang.