Man Crushed To Death By Bus He Was Working On

Charles Wardlaw

Nelson Co., VA - A freak accident is what Nelson County Deputies said is to blame for the death of 68 year old Charles Wardlaw. Wardlaw was doing what he did nearly every day, Friday; performing routine maintenance on one of his commercial buses. He did this for a living and his family said, there were no signs that pointed to Friday being his last day alive.

Stephen Wardlaw was back at the Nelson County home he grew up in Friday, but without the father there who raised him.

"It was devastating; I mean that's what I tell people. I mean, he was my best friend" said Wardlaw.

68 year old Charles Wardlaw was working on the bus that supported his son's business Friday, when it rolled off the blocks it was on, crushing and killing him.

"A lot of people have relationships with their father, but I don't think anybody really had the relationship that I had. It was literally my best friend. We talked on the phone every day, I mean my business, he was a part of it" said Wardlaw.

Wardlaw drove commercial buses for nearly 40 years. The maintenance work he was doing at the time of his death, his son said was routine.

"This is the stuff he's always done, so it's just something that is a very freak accident, something that no one could ever control, it's just something that happened and it's devastating for our family" said Wardlaw.

The tire tracks are still clear on the hill where the bus rolled down. Family said it dragged Wardlaw's body 20 yards.

"It came down across the road tore this fence out and went on down and landed at the edge of the woods down there" said Percy Nappier.

Nappier, Wardlaw's brother-in-law, worked to fix the fence the bus destroyed as it barreled across Old Roses Mill Road, and into a neighboring yard.

"It must've jumped in gear or something because it wouldn't have drift over those blocks. It was devastating. Words can't explain" said Nappier.

No one was home, not even neighbors, at the time of the accident. A man was driving by right after it happened and called 911. Still no word on how the bus began to move.

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