Wylliesburg Man Arrested For Impersonating An Officer

Charlotte Co., VA - A Wylliesburg man was arrested Friday and charged withimpersonating an officer.

28 year old Gerald Leon Miller was pulled over by a DrakesBranch Police Officer who noticed him speeding through town. When the officer approached the car, Millertold him he was a US Marshall.

According to the officer, Miller was wearing a baseball cap with'Police' on it and had a vest with 'Marshall' on it. Miller told the officerthat he was on the way to one of the area schools and that his brother hadcollapsed.

The officer initially let Miller go but later investigationrevealed he was not affiliated with the Marshall Service.

In another instance, Miller approached a Charlotte Co Deputyand told him he was a corrections officer and in yet another incident, a deputynoticed Miller had a blue light in his car and Miller said he was an undercoverdrug agent out of Richmond.

Miller is in custody and has been charged with impersonatinga law enforcement officer, reckless driving and driving with a suspended license.

Anyone having similar complaints can contact Officer TommyGalbreath of the Drakes Branch Police Dept. or Capt. Howard Hobgood of theCharlotte Co Sheriff's Office at 434-542-5141