Man Accused of Calling in Bomb Threats to LCS, Hospital Found Not Competent to Stand Trial

Dexter White

Lynchburg, VA - The man accused of calling in a series of bomb threats to Lynchburg City Schools has been found not competent to stand trial.

Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Chuck Felmlee says Dexter White's defense attorney made a request that his "Competency to Stand Trial" be evaluated by a local psychologist.

Felmlee says White was evaluated and was found to have many mental health issues. He says the psychologist had concerns about whether or not White could stand trial.

Felmlee says the judge decided that based on that evidence, he would err on the side of caution and found him not competent to stand trial and the case has been indefinitely postponed.

White faces multiple felony charges in connection to a string of bomb threats that were called into schools and Lynchburg General Hospital in late February.

White is still confined and has been transferred to a secure mental health facility to get treatment in an attempt to restore his competency so he can stand trial eventually, according to Felmlee.

There will be a review hearing every six months to check on White's progress. If mental health workers believe his competency has been restored, that six month hearing can be moved up. If a judge finds White's competency has been restored, then the criminal charges will move forward.

White has previously been convicted of two unrelated misdemeanors of telephone misuse.