'Make More Happen' Grants To Help Community Projects

Danville, VA -- A new grant in Danville may help facilitate big community changes. Danville Regional Foundation announced its 'Make More Happen' grant, inspired by their successful 'Make It Happen' grant.

Danville Regional Foundation has already used the 'Make It Happen' grants to help 60 projects around the region. They spent nearly $550 ,000 total on them. But now they hope the 'Make More Happen' grants will help even more.

You can find 'Make It Happen' projects sprinkled all over the Dan River region.

"It's really been a great way to build bright spots in the community," says Karl Stauber, President and CEO of DRF.

Danville's Parks and Recreation helped create several projects with the grant money, like an exercise station along the river walk trail and the community garden outside the Community Market.

"We were very fortunate that Danville Regional Foundation agreed that this would be a good project," says Russell Carter, Communications Specialist for Parks and Recreation.

Now Stauber says they're going a step further.

"It's pretty clear that it inspired some folks," says Stauber.

'Make It Happen' projects have been confined to $10,000 and 90 days to get it done. The newly-introduced 'Make More Happen' grants will allow organizations to receive up to $25,000 and 180 days.

"We were hearing from folks was they needed more time and sometimes they needed more resources to make their dream come true. So that's what we've done," says Stauber.

Get Fit Dan River Region's 50,000 pound challenge became one of the first projects to get the bigger sum.

"It gave us the opportunity to really advertise more and get the word out more," says Stephanie Ferrugia, Program Director For Get Fit Dan River Region.

They say the grant money helped them take the project to the next level.

Just announced Tuesday, The Community Foundation received new funding from Danville Regional Foundation. DRF has committed $750,000 to support area organizations with the help of the Community Foundation.

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