Major Renovations, County Office Relocations Underway in Halifax

Halifax Co., VA - It's a multi-million dollar game of musical chairs in Halifax County. Dozens of county offices are getting shuffled around to relocate the Sheriff's office and make some extensive courthouse renovations.County Administrator Jim Halasz is one person that has done a lot of moving around this year."It was quite a task because we had to keep the county running. We did not shut down at all. We relocated our computers, phones, and everything between a Friday and a Monday, " Halasz said.His office and the rest of the administrative offices started here in this building, but it is now under construction to make room for the sheriff's office."This was one office here and this was a separate office, and a new stud wall is going in here, " Halasz said.The former county inspection building in the back has been demolished, and a new facility will be built to house deputies.County Administration has found a temporary home in the Mary Bethune Complex just a mile or so down the road."Many of the offices are a little smaller here. We used the site as it was, but it really works well, " Halasz said.All of the relocating and renovations of Phase One will cost about $2 million, but Sheriff's Office employees say it will be well worth it. Currently, the Sheriff's Office is in the basement of the courthouse - with exposed piping and inadequate space.Halasz believes the expense and effort involved in this project will have a very important result: more accessible and effective service for the community.