Major Credit Card Ring Broken Up in Roanoke Co.

Roanoke Co., VA - Roanoke County police investigators catch a major break allowing them to break up a major credit card fraud ring.

Caught up in this alleged racket is William Gomez, 43, of Roanoke, who is charged with possession of credit card forgery devices.

Also charged is Erlen Bosch, 31, of Miami, Florida who is charged with conspiracy to commit credit card fraud.

Investigators say it all began last Thursday when workers at Honeywood Apartments entered an apartment for announced, routine maintenance Inside the apartment, they saw what appeared to be credit card making materials including blank cards.

Workers called police who then raided the apartment, saying they actually caught one of the men making fake cards. Material for thousands of cards was found.

Investigators are still trying to figure out how the credit card numbers were stolen.

A third suspect is still being sought.