Madison Heights' State-of-the-Art Apartments Nearly Completed

Madison Heights, VA - In just a matter of weeks, Madison Heights will have a new state-of-the art apartment complex.

The Phelps Road Place Apartments is designed specifically for people with physical impairments.

Each apartment comes equipped with handicapped showers and roll-in sinks that are wheelchair accessible.

There will also be pull stations in every bedroom, so in case of an emergency, you can pull a string or push a button and connect directly with 9-1-1.

All 22 units will be equipped with what's called geothermal technology. It's more environmentally friendly and can save you up to 20% on your electric bill.

The management group says it's one of the largest apartment buildings in the state to use the technology.

Hoses pull water from wells buried deep in the ground and heat from the earth's surface keeps it naturally insulated between 50 and 60 degrees - so less energy is needed to heat and cool.

And it isn't your traditional doorbell for the hearing impaired. There's an option to have your light fixtures blink instead.

The total $4.2 million project is being paid for by federal and state funds.

The management company says they saw a need for affordable housing for the physically disabled.

There's still a lot of work ahead.

But Johnnie Ferrell and his team of local contractors hope to have residents moved in by the middle of May.