Madison Heights Roadside Stand Aims to Garner Support to Impeach President

Madison Heights, VA - You may have seen or heard some of the commotion on the side of Amelon Road in Madison Heights Wednesday.

The LaRouche Political Action Committee set up shop by the Food Lion. Their signs clearly stated their mission of wanting to impeach President Obama.

Among their claims for grounds of impeachment, are going to war with Libya without congressional consent, as well as conspiracy to violate the separation of powers. The PAC is a national organization founded by supporters of Lyndon LaRouche, an economist, and political activist.

"We've got teams out in all 50 states. People need to see a fight on the streets, we want this President out, we want this policy changed" said Robert Baker, a member of the PAC.

The roadside set up was one of many, all a part of the PAC's national movement towards impeachment.