Madison Heights Rattled by Saturday's Storms

Madison Heights, VA - Some people in Madison Heights are still cleaning up from Saturday's storms.

The public safety director of Amherst County says the wind blew down a few trees and even knocked out power to some.

But one lady on Woodland Drive in Madison Heights is still shaken up about how quickly it all happened.

"It just says you need to respect the weather," Bettie Jackson said, standing in her front yard.

Jackson now knows how quickly it can change.

She says the sky was getting dark around 5 p.m. Saturday, so she called her 12-year-old grandson and his friend inside.

When she went back out to grab some chair cushions, she heard it --

"I heard this big roar. I mean, I've never heard a roar so loud. It sounded like they describe tornadoes," Jackson recalled.

They ran to the basement to wait out the storm.

When she got back outside, the fencing around her pool had been torn off, and her husky's metal dog run was bent into the shape of a 'V.'

"We were pretty surprised when we came out and saw all the trees in the driveway," Jackson remembered.

Her neighbor's tree had been snapped off near the root, knocking off part of her gutter.

But the public safety director says this was no tornado, just strong winds that struck without much warning.

"The damage was isolated to a couple areas within Madison Heights. We had trees down off of Riverview Road and we also had a tree down off of Woody's Lake Road in Madison Heights, which took out the power to some of the Appalachian Power customers," said Gary Roakes.

The power has been restored and Bettie Jackson has contacted her insurance company.

Her damage is likely less than her $1,000 deductible. So, she's chalking all this up to a lesson learned.

"When they say there's gonna be a severe storm, take their word for it and be alert," Jackson said.