Lynchburg Author to Release Sequel to Book

Lynchburg, VA - The local author of the children's book "Lynchburg Legs" is starting to pen a sequel.

Last November, Pediatrician Rachel Gagen finished her first book. It's about a little girl named Allegra Price who walks around downtown Lynchburg looking for clues and solving mysteries.

It's an interactive book that's supposed to make your kids want to get out and walk her adventure themselves.

For Gagen, the first book was a great success.

"No matter the season, no matter the weather, it's an easy walk that kids could go and do. Grandparents are getting in to it, the history of Lynchburg is emphasized in it, so I'm hoping the second one will take off in the same way," she said.

Gagen's second book has a boy main character and he's not as active. Instead of being in downtown Lynchburg, he'll be in the Miller Park area.

Gagen hopes to secure funding for the second book and unveil it in the fall.