Lynchburg's Miller Park Pool Opens For the Season

Lynchburg, VA - The cooler temperatures didn't keep the kids out of the water in the Hill City Monday.

Miller Park Pool opened for the first time this season.

About 350 people were there at one point Monday.

Pool managers say people started waiting in line at 9 a.m. to get in; three hours before the doors opened.

The pool staff says they were busy all day, and no one seemed to mind the breezes.

"It's cold out but I don't care, I'm here to hang out with my friends," said Tanasia Smith.

"We had to remind our staff this morning to make sure they look for kids freezing to death, otherwise they will just keep playing and not stop," explained Pool Manager Joe Wertz.

Wertz says the water temperature remained in the middle 70s.

The weather this weekend is expected to be sunny and hot, and the pool staff says they're expecting a full house.