Lynchburg's Mad Dash before Snowstorm

The milk at noon Monday at F&L Market in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - At F&L Market in Lynchburg, cash registers have been humming all day Monday. And down the street at True Value Hardware, they have spring and winter stuff on the shelves. After all, it's March, so what else can you expect!

This storm is still a day away, but folks aren't wasting any time. They are stocking up faster than you can say "snowstorm."

"We kind of enjoy it. Generally speaking, people are more friendly," said Todd Ramsey, GM, F&L Market.

For GM Todd Ramsey, the rush doesn't phase him an ounce; it's the storm knocking out power to his coolers that has him up at night.

"If you're down for more than 36 hours, you got trouble," said Ramsey.

The Elliotts feel the same way. Not willing to risk it, they're stocking up two big items. The first is lamp oil.

"In case those lights go out, I'll be prepared," said Linda Elliott, Rustburg.

"Lamp and lamp oil are very popular in the winter time for potential power outages," said Chuck Overstreet.

Chuck Overstreet owns True Value Hardware in Lynchburg. His store's lined with winter storm essentials.

FEMA has its own storm prep list. It includes a NOAA Weather radio, sheltering animals where water won't freeze and keeping generators, or anything that burns fuel, vented to the outside. And while some are getting ready for the next big snowstorm, getting the salt and getting the shovels, store owners are already getting ready for spring.

"All of this is fertilizer and people have been buying it," said Overstreet.

That's the funny thing about March, there's a snowstorm brewing at the same time bird's are chirping. Oh yeah, that's the second thing on the Elliott's store list: "Birdseed" said Robert Elliott. "We have to feed the birds. We keep our bird feeders full," said Linda Elliott.

The owner of True Value Hardware says the derecho last summer changed the way Central Virginia prepares for all storms. Basically, people prepare more than they used to - losing power for a week can do that to people.