Lynchburg's Habitat Puts Up Walls on First House of Fiscal Year

Lynchburg, VA - The outside walls went up on Habitat for Humanity's first house of the fiscal year on Thursday.

The house-raising is all thanks to Habitat for Humanity, the Rotary Club, and Genworth.

The house is going up in the 1700 block of Monroe Street.

It is being called the anniversary build, because Habitat and Genworth are both celebrating anniversaries in Lynchburg this year.

"I have never owned anything. Now I am owning a home. It is exciting. I feel so happy, I feel like I ought to jump for joy," said new homeowner Kimberly Jiggetts.

Chris Olson with Genworth said, "We are going to have in the neighborhood of 200 to 300 volunteers participate. We of course have a lot of folks provide financial support."

The house is expected to be complete by November.