Lynchburg's GLTC Bus Service Has Surplus

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg's bus service has turned its finances around, ending the fiscal year with a surplus.

Unaudited results show Greater Lynchburg Transit Company came out $720,000 to the good on June 30.

GLTC's general manager says the surplus is a result of several things. Karen Walton says they over-budgeted for a big gas price hike that didn't happen. Walton says cuts in service and a fare increase also contributed.

GLTC might considering restoring some service, but also wants to save some of the money.

"We don't want to turn around and say hey we have all this money, so let's just throw a bunch of service on that isn't sustainable over the long run," said Walton.

The GLTC board will meet to discuss what to do with the extra money.