Lynchburg's Daily Bread Serves More Than a Hot Meal

Lynchburg, VA - Every Thanksgiving, dozens of volunteers pack Lynchburg's Daily Bread to feed those who have less. This year it took on a special meaning for one of them.

Linda Cheverton hadn't planned on serving strangers. But on January 22, 2012 her plans changed.

"My husband passed away. So, I wanted to do something entirely different," she explained.

The Daily Bread seemed like the perfect way to end a terrible year.

"I'm just amazed at how much food there is here," Cheverton said, sitting in the dining hall before guests arrived.

Last year, the nonprofit served a record 275 people and was prepared for 300 this Thanksgiving, said Health Van Cleave, a board member and volunteer.

By the time 11 a.m. arrived, children, families and veterans began to file in.

"There but the grace of God, it could have been any one of us that's sitting at that table," Van Cleave said, making her way to another guest.

"It's a blessing to everybody," Dwayne Glover said, pointing to his plate of Turkey, mashed potatoes and green beans.

Sometimes blessings are unexpected.

"My daughter really wanted to do volunteer work for Thanksgiving," explained Elsie Lemke.

So instead of strangers, Cheverton spent the holiday serving next to her old church friend.

"I'm very thankful for my family and my church friends," Cheverton said, sitting next to Lemke.