Lynchburg Classic, The Crown Sterling Re-Opens

Lynchburg, VA - It's a Lynchburg staple, and for a time, there was worry that it would be gone forever. But now, under new ownership, Lynchburg's Crown Sterling steak house is back in business.

Three new co-owners have made it their mission, they say, to restore the classic restaurant back to its former glory. The Crown Sterling was a hot spot in Lynchburg for decades.

However the owners say in recent years it changed hands and had faded in popularity.

They're hoping that by restoring the original menu, and some of the classic appeal, they'll make it the destination that it once was.

"This is the place where people celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, business meetings. I mean, so many people have gotten married here, so many people have gotten proposed to here. This place is a staple in the community, and that's why it's so important that we bring it back to the original Crown Sterling," said Co-Owner, Jason Campbell.

Come 2013, the restaurant will be open 43 years.