Lynchburg's Civil Air Patrol Helps Rescue Family in Nevada Wilderness

Reno, NV - There is a local connection to an incredible survival story out in Nevada.

Lynchburg's Civil Air Patrol helped locate a family that's been stranded in the wilderness for more than two days... by identifying a signal from one family member's cell phone.

The family is in the hospital but all are expected to be okay.

The two adults and four children stranded in sub-zero temperatures for than two days in Nevada are expected to be released from the hospital later Wednesday.

"They are in amazing condition considering what they've been through," a doctor said. "All [of] the patients were stable. [There was] not even evidence of frostbite.

While doctors are amazed, rescuers are relieved.

More than 200 people searched night and day for James Glanton, his girlfriend, Christina Macintee, their two kids, as well as their niece and nephew, after the family headed into a mountain range northeast of Reno Sunday to play in the snow.

The group never came home.

Stranded miles from civilization, the group's silver Jeep Wrangler reportedly went over an embankment and flipped. With their cell phones getting no service, the victims were unable to call for help.

The adults and children, ranging in age from three to 10, survived by drinking water and eating candy bars.

With temperatures dropping to twenty below zero, they kept warm by burning the Jeep's spare tire, even heating rocks inside the tire to put next to the children at night.

"All of the kids were warm; their dad did an excellent job," said Rescuer Chris Montes.

Montes, a life-long family friend, was among the team who found the group after a signal from Christina's cell phone finally helped pinpoint their location.

"And we found their foot prints started glassing with our binoculars we saw a jeep down there. [The] first thing I did I gave Jay a big old hug," Montes.

Jay and Christina are being called heroes by many Wednesday for doing everything right to keep the family alive, including staying near their vehicle.