Lynchburg's Centra Swap is First Land Swap in City History

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg officials are saying the land swap between the city and Centra was landmark; it's the first ever in Hill City history.

Officials say Centra had been eyeing the city's health department building for years.

Centra purchased the Startek facility in The Plaza shopping center; they then considered swapping that building for the health department. City council agreed and now the positives are playing themselves out.

City officials are realizing the health department will now be housed in a newly renovated building; it will have access to a major bus route stop, also, much more parking availability.

"The building on Thompson Drive is an older building than this building and it's starting to have roof issues and systems issues and it's not laid out very well" said Lynchburg City Manager, Kimball Payne.

Startek's lease is up in September. Officials are looking at facilities in and out of the city that could accommodate their move.