Lynchburg's American Globe Preservation Society Holds Fundraiser

Lynchburg, VA- Friday night in downtown Lynchburg a group of folks got to meet astronaut and Discovery Space Shuttle Commander William Readdy.

The event, "Lynchburg Goes Global," was held by the Lynchburg non-profit American Globe Preservation Society. The night featured guest speakers and a globe silent auction to raise money for a globe and earth science museum to get help get kids more involved in learning.

That's something both the Society's founder and Commander Readdy think is important.

"Kids have a natural curiosity. And, let's foster it, let's let them become discoverers, let's let them explore because there's so much more to learn," said Kim Soerensen, President of American Globe Preservation Society.

"It is about the kids, it is about kind of inspiring some interest in geography and the science of geography too," said Cmdr. William Readdy.

This was the first fundraiser the American Globe Preservation Society has held.