Lynchburg's Amazement Square Teaches About MLK

Lynchburg, VA - Most schools closed Monday, but kids still got their Dr. King history lesson from Amazement Square.

The children's museum opened its doors Monday afternoon with several events meant to celebrate the differences that unite us all.

For example, Stephen Joseph talked with kids about his life and experiences as a member of the disabled community. Later in the day, Shaun Spencer-Hester, the granddaughter of poet and Civil Rights Activist Anne Spencer, plans to read to kids about Dr. King.

"A lot of American history becomes so well-known that you almost don't know it at all. And especially on a day when kids are out of school, it's a wonderful time for people to come down and really remember what this day is about," said Emily Joseph, program coordinator, Amazement Square.

Joseph says the goal is for kids to leave Amazement Square Monday knowing about Civil Rights and what Dr. King achieved.