Lynchburg YMCA Fights Holiday Fitness Fears

Lynchburg, VA - It is hard to get in the gym and focus on fitness with all that's going on during the holidays.

But at the YMCA in Lynchburg, they're trying to make sure working out is on more people's holiday to-do lists.

If your discipline drops during the holidays, who can blame you? All those sweets -- cookies and treats in the office and at home can be a big distraction.

But for some, exercise is something that cannot be skipped.

"During the holidays, you have tons of friends' activities going on" said one YMCA member.

"You have various parties; you're in and out of town" said one. "You have friends and co-workers constantly shoving cookies and treats in your face" said another.

And the worst part of all, "It's proven between that time frame of Thanksgiving on through the New Year, an average weight gain of five pounds" said Jamerson YMCA Branch Manager, Corey Jeffcoat.

But not here, while some gyms are empty during December, the Y is packed.

The Y isn't running like they normally do. They've managed to make fitness fun, during the holidays.

The Y is guaranteeing members check in this season.

"Incentive programs, such as keep it lean which is a fitness challenge over the Holidays" said Jeffcoat.

Keep it lean, where people get daily weigh-ins, and nutrition tips.

"I've seen a huge improvement. Any help I can get with my eating, my diet plan" said YMCA member, Kate Jenkins.

Classes can help too, "Since they're in a group setting, they have friends that keep them accountable, and will ask them, hey why weren't you here yesterday? So they have that fear of being called out" said Group Fitness Director, Paula Dahl.

And the Y isn't just maintaining membership, they're growing. Refer a friend to the Y and you could win, an iPad.

"It's a great way to encourage our members to go out and find someone who will help them" said Jeffcoat.

"I've actually lost five pounds. So, I'm excited" said Jenkins.

The Keep it Lean fitness challenge is being done at all three YMCA Lynchburg locations.