Lynchburg World Cup Fans Watch Nail Biting Final US Game

Lynchburg, VA - What a heartbreaking game it was. In overtime, the U.S. lost to Belgium Tuesday, 2-1 in the World Cup's Round of 16. The American squad now out of the tournament.It was standing room only at Buffalo Wild Wings in Lynchburg and what a roller coaster of emotions it was for the fans. Such high hopes Tuesday afternoon turned into tears after a nail biting final game."We need a win. If we win, we're going to be set" said one fan.From the start of the clock, fans' hopes were high."I've watched a whole bunch of them and it's really crowded" said one spectator.Buffalo Wild Wings in Lynchburg reached capacity Tuesday. 265 people packed in to watch their team turn out a win."This is the biggest between Super Bowl, all the UFC fights" said one man watching the game."Everybody's waiting for this win because we need it" said a U.S. fan.It was a strong start for the American squad. The U.S. managed to hold on through a nail biting 90 minutes.U.S. Goalkeeper, Tim Howard kept his team's head above water with an amazing 16 saves."They got to stop giving up as many corners to Belgium. Belgium is a pretty big team" said one fan of the American team's performance.The game would go into overtime, where Belgium would fire first."We've got probably 28 minutes to try to get something back but it's just been so hard and so close, you just worry" said one man.The U.S. would get one back, but Belgium would soon after seal the deal, ultimately beating the Americans 2-1."It's heartbreaking. We had plenty of opportunities; Wondo didn't come in to play" said one U.S. fan."Four more years; we'll be back, we will be back. We'll be back stronger" said another.The Americans' next attempt at winning a World Cup will have to come in 2018, when they play in Russia.
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